Contact Us

  • Mailing Address: 6135 Rings Rd, Dublin, OH 43016

Service Times

  •  8:00 a.m. - Early Hymnal-Based Worship Service
  • 10:45 a.m. - Late Worship Service lead by our Worship Team

Church Leaders

Executive Council

Our leadership board is elected by our congregation to set goals and oversee the ministries of St. John. They meet monthly all together and have other scheduled meetings within their respective boards. They serve for two-year terms. 
Contact us:

  • Tracy Roloff, Executive Director
  • Allen Rutz, Assistant Executive Director 1
  • Ryan Strong, Treasurer
  • Terri Diesing, Financial Secretary
  • Carly Adams, Secretary of the Congregation
  • Rob Braatz, Head Elder
  • Jim Diesing, Trustee
  • Cathy Fernandez, Parish Care
  • Brooke Rausch, Youth Ministry
  • Paul Vandermeer, Stewardship
  • Corry Rausch, Fellowship
  • Rebecca Rhoden, Fellowship
  • Phil Sutton, Evangelism & Outreach
  • Duane Wegener, Christian Education
  • Ernie Robertson, Endowment
  • Shelly Hasser, At-Large 1
  • Patrick Carroll, At-Large 2

Board of Elders

Elected or appointed spiritual leaders who support the ministry staff in providing spiritual care to the congregation. These men also set an example in living as Christians in our world and serving others. They serve weekly in worship to assist with Communion, meet monthly throughout the year, and serve for two years at a time.
Contact us:

  • Rob Braatz, Head Elder
  • Hugo Fernandez
  • Bob Skoog
  • Andrew Pitonyak
  • Sam Palmer
  • Tom Jacoby
  • Tom Moffit
  • Carl Scheiderer
  • Dave Murphy
  • Jeremy Adams
  • Tony Reedy
  • Jonathan Wegener